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Osnovna škola Privlaka

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Primary school Privlaka is a school with about 300 students ages 7-14 and 48 employees: 30 teachers, pedagogue, psychologist, librarian and 8 student assistant. It is located in Zadar County, attended by students from the Privlaka and Vir municipalities (5,276 inhabitants). In recent years there has been a noticeable increase in students from foreign countries such as Ukraine, Canada, Albania, Ireland, Hungary, France, Germany and Bosnia and Herzegovina.
The school has and offers primary school education. In addition to the compulsory subjects, there are optional subjects: German, Italian, Informatics and Religious Studies. The school provides participation in competitions, as well as sports competitions, art and literary contests, various projects and events to encourage reading. Extracurricular activities include the Maslina Student Cooperative, Small Choir, Large Choir, Drama Section, Sports Groups: Football, Volleyball, Badminton, Basketball, Young Technicians, Chess Club, Advanced Mathematicians, ... 
The school worked a lot on designing the mission and vision of the school and the strategy, especially on the Quality Team that leads the development process of the school. School self-evaluation is showed that the school needs a change in its work, applying new management methods and innovative teaching methods. We also established a Gifted Team in order to include all students our schools and their further development.


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